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Making 3d shapes from nets, 16.5.18. What shape did we make?

Measuring capacity, 3.5.18. We made our own scale to show capacity in cups.

Making block graphs, 27.4.18. What was your favourite colour?

Telling the time, 23.3.18. Finding half an hour before and after is tricky!

Position and direction, 13.3.18. Is Teddy above, under, to the right of or to the left of the chair?

Sharing problem, 8.2.18. Finding all the ways we can share 12 equally.

Buying and giving change, 25 and 26.1.18. We enjoyed buying and selling!

Using 3d shape faces to make 2d shape pictures, 19.1.18

Estimating and measuring weight - with cubes again! 11.1.18

Estimating and measuring capacity using cubes, 16.11.17.

Making models with 3d shapes, 18.10.17. Can you name the shapes we used?

2d shape pictures, 17.10.17. Lots of cutting and sticking!

Putting ourselves in height order, 27.9.17. Who is the tallest? Who is the shortest?