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Making hand puppets, 20.3.18. We used a running stitch to join our puppets.

Violins with Mr. Nick, 7.2.18.

Weaving bowls, 30.1 and 6.2.18. This was even more tricky!

And now paper weaving our own mats, 23.1.18. Tricky work!

Practising weaving on the Nursery fence, 16.1.18.

Making material collages, 9.1.18.

Playing board games, 4.12.17. Part of our topic work on toys past and present.

Making houses, 5.12.17. A messy job, but the results are worth it!

Practising filming being TV Chefs, 30.11.17. These iPads are magic!

Practising being TV Chefs, 9.11.17. Are our instructions clear enough for Mohamed to make the sandwich?

Programming BeeBots, 21.9.17.

Leaf printing, 7.9.17. Can you see the difference between the summer and autumn leaves?