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Uxendon Manor students and staff celebrated World Book Day 2020 on Friday 6th March. 


Everyone looked fantastic and really showed how creative they can be. At Uxendon, we love to read and you can see just how, through the variety of costumes, how many different kinds of books we like. 


A winner was chosen from each class to celebrate their creativity when creating their costumes. 


It was a very hard decision but the winners were:


Nursery: Timotei


Sapphire: Anaiya

Ruby: Taijah

Amber: Patricia


1M: Zayn

1G: Myan

1L: Lewie


2K: Amir

2V: Mishri

2L: Neil


3H: Sara

3HB: Antonia

3SA: James

3D: Zain


4K: Bhavya

4H: Tianna

4A: Jood

4W: Elias


5O'C: Hamdan

5D: Dhyan

5VB: Jawad


6M: Kaylan

6P: Saif



Miss Addari, Mrs Pottinger, Miss Van Der Sluys, Miss O'Connor


Well done to everyone who took part!

A very special thank you to all the parents and carers who have helped support their child reading, choosing their character and creating their costumes!


Have a look below at some of the wonderful costumes we saw this year!