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Every October, Uxendon Manor Primary School celebrates Black History Month. This year, as we don’t have a school hall, we sadly won’t be able to have our annual Black History Event – where we have previously had food tasting, music, children’s work displayed and great whole school community participation.

We have decided to instead have an exciting Black History Month Art Competition that all children can participate in.

To enter the competition, children must choose a person who has made a positive impact on the world. This could be a leader like Rosa Parks, Obama or Martin Luther King, a Scientist, a Writer, a Nurse, a Singer or a Sports person. They then must make an A4 sized artistic poster of that person. Children can use paints, colours, pastels, textiles or any other artistic media of their choice – the more creative, the better!

All entries for this competition must be given to Mrs Pottinger by Friday 20th October 2017.

Have fun!