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Please use this page to complete you daily English lessons

This week is: Assessment Week

Please read the guidance for each day


Dear Children,


Please try your best this week. It shouldn't be scary or worrying. If you complete each task, to the best of your ability, that's all we can ask for.


Thank you,


The Year 5 Team 

Monday 18th May - Spelling list & Extended Writing Planning


  • Please learn the spellings on the spelling list for your test on Friday 22nd May. 
  • Make sure that you learn the meanings of the words as well as their spellings.
  • Please do some practise spelling tests before Friday, to increase your confidence.

Tuesday 19th May - Extended Writing


  • Please email your completed writing to your class teacher to be marked.
  • Make sure that you use the checklist, to ensure that you have attempted all Year 5 Writing Criteria. 
  • Look at the 'Modelled Writing' to help you write your story. 
  • Your writing should be a minimum of 1.5 pages, typed size 12 font (this will vary if hand written).

Wednesday 20th May - Reading Assessment


  • Please read the text BEFORE attempting to answer the questions.
  • Read each text and answer the questions for that text, before moving on.
  • This test should be timed (1 hour is the standard time limit - however, this may be extended if you really need it).
  • if unable to print, answers can be handwritten onto paper or typed onto a blank document and emailed to your class teacher. 

Thursday 21st May - SPAG - Grammar Assessment


  • Please complete the test and email it to your class teacher.
  • If unable to print, answers can be handwritten or typed onto a blank document or the 'Microsoft Word Template'. 

Friday 22nd May - SPAG - Spelling Test


  • This spelling test uses words that were given out on Monday.
  • Please use the sentences for context.
  • Someone else (parent/guardian) needs to administer this test OR use the audio recording below.
  • Please handwrite this test (or turn off spell check on your document).
  • Email the completed test/score to your class teacher.

Summer 1 Spelling Test - Audio Recording