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Please use these resources to complete your daily English lessons.

This week's focus is: Assessment Week

Please read the guidance for each day.


Monday 13th July - Spelling List & Extended Writing - Planning


  • Please learn the spellings on the spelling list for your test on Friday 17th July. 
  • Make sure that you learn the meanings of the words as well as their spellings.
  • Please do some practise spelling tests before Friday, to increase your confidence.

Tuesday 14th July - Extended Writing


  • Please email your completed writing to your class teacher to be marked.
  • Make sure that you use the checklist, to ensure that you have attempted all Year 5 Writing Criteria. 
  • Look at the 'Modelled Writing' to help you write your story. 
  • Your writing should be a minimum of 1.5 pages, typed size 12 font (this will vary if hand written).

Wednesday 15th July - Reading Assessment


  • Please read the text BEFORE attempting to answer the questions.
  • Read each text and answer the questions for that text, before moving on.
  • This test should be timed (1 hour is the standard time limit - however, this may be extended if you really need it).
  • if unable to print, answers can be handwritten onto paper or typed onto a blank document and emailed to your class teacher. 

Thursday 16th July - Grammar Assessment 


  • Please complete the test and email it to your class teacher.
  • If unable to print, answers can be handwritten or typed onto a blank document or the 'Microsoft Word Template'. 

Friday 17th July - Spelling Assessment


  • This spelling test uses words that were given out on Monday.
  • Please use the sentences for context.
  • Someone else (parent/guardian) needs to administer this test OR use the audio recording below.
  • Please handwrite this test (or turn off spell check on your document).
  • Email the completed test/score to your class teacher.

Summer 2 - Assessment Spelling Test Audio