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Home Learning

During the school closure we aim to offer quality education while your children are at home.  As we all know learning is very important, so please encourage your child to complete the posted learning activities throughout the day, in addition to phonics activities and games as well as reading for pleasure. All work completed is to be kept at home. 


Please find below a suggested timetable of activities for the morning and afternoon.  



Wake Up






Exercise Time




Academic Time



Creative Time




Have breakfast

Get dressed

Brush your teeth

Make your bed

Tidy your room


Morning exercise.

See ‘Physical Development’ for ideas.



No Electronics



Lego, drawing, colouring, crafts, singing or baking together.


Controlled Electronics

i-Pads/tablets, computer and game consoles.

Please remember online safety and supervise your children.



Exercise Time




Academic Time



Quiet Time


Fresh Air


Electronics Time

If possible: Afternoon walk or indoor exercise.

See ‘Physical Development’ for ideas.


No Electronics

Maths/ Understanding of the World


Relax with a book or play a board game.


If possible:  Outdoor play


Supervised Electronics

Supervised educational games/apps.

See list of useful websites.