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Home Learning 2020

Please follow the below timetable and find the resources for English, Maths and the Wider Curriculum for each dayThese tasks are following the Year 2 Curriculum for the Summer Term and must be completed so that your child can meet the learning outcomes. Any material labelled ‘TEACHING’ is for parents/carers to guide the learning and input for that lesson.


Some lessons will have a choice of 'mild (easy), spicy (medium), hot (hard)' tasks. Please choose the appropriate level of challenge for your child. If you are unsure, email your teacher who can advise you. Your child does NOT need to do all 3 levels of challenge.


Remember to complete your tasks on as well as visiting Mathletics and Monster SATs regularly. TWO new tasks will be set every Monday.

Year 2 Timetable during school closure - as of 22.06.20

Summer Term 2 - New!


Summer Term 1  - Completed