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How to upload your writing task

Weekly extended writing task instructions


Please complete your weekly extended writing task on a Word document and email it to your class teacher.

Note: If you do not have access to Word on your computer, complete the task as an email and send it to your class teacher using the email addresses provided below:


Mrs Wagjiani -

Mr Holmes -

Miss Addari -

Miss Kalumba -


Follow these steps:

1) Check this week's writing task.

2) Try to write at least one page using font size 12 (Word document).

3) Don't forget to keep saving your work throughout to avoid losing it! 

4) Once you have completed your writing and saved it in a location on your computer, email it to your class teacher.

5) When emailing, attach the Word document.

6) Write your class and name on the 'subject' box of the email.