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Monday 27th April 2020

Show your child the menus below. Ask them if they know what they are? Explain what a menu is and ask them to think of what food and drink they would order if they were in a café.


Challenge: Use a note pad, post it notes or a piece of paper to write down a food order for the members of your family. 

Sunny Restaurant Menu

Children's Meal Deal

Children's Menu

Tuesday 28th April 2020
Explain to your child that you are going to write a menu together. Ask them to think of the different foods and drinks they could have on a menu. Explain to them that a menu is written like a list and that you can find out how much each item of food or drink costs by looking at the price. Begin by modelling how a menu is written and then encourage your child to continue writing the menu using their phonic knowledge.
Wednesday 29th April 2020

Using the menu you created with your child yesterday, encourage them to write their own menu using the template below. Remember to include the prices of each item of food and drink.


Challenge: Can you use adjectives to describe the different items on your menu?

Menu Writing Template

Friday 1st May 2020


Encourage your child to create a poster titled 'My Timeline' with pictures of themselves showing how they have changed as they have grown. Your child can make a collage using photographs or they can draw pictures. Ask them to use the sounds, punctuation and tricky words they know to write a label or caption underneath each of their pictures, for example 'I was a toddler.'


Challenge: Write about the life cycle of a human.