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Literacy/ Communication and Language

Monday 20th April

After listening to the story of Oliver's Fruit Salad answer some of the questions below:

What was Oliver eating for breakfast?

What did Oliver help Grandpa pick every morning?

What fruits did Oliver see in the supermarket?

What did they make with the fruit the bought from the supermarket?

What happened at the end of the story?

Tuesday 21st April
Wednesday 22nd April

Use the templates below to draw/ mark make/ write what fruits you would like in your fruit salad.

Thursday 23rd April


Use your fruit salad picture to make your fruit salad.


Think about these questions as you make it:


What will you do first?

How did you prepare the oranges/strawberries/ banana? Cut/ Peel?

What equipment/ utensils did you use to make your fruit salad?

Do you want to add any other fruit?

Did you change any fruits? why? 


Enjoy eating your fruit salad. Maybe you can share with your family. Do they like it?