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Literacy / Communication and language

Monday 18th May


Go through this PowerPoint with your child to learn about some other people who help us.

Tuesday 19th May

Encourage your child to think about what they would like to be when they grow up and they can draw a picture using the template below. Talk to you child about what they would do in their job and how they would help people and you can scribe it next to their picture. 

Wednesday 20th May

Have a go at these quiz about the people who help us

Thursday 21st May 


Your child can have a go at mark making/drawing about another person who helps us. This can be one of their choice.

If they can they could have a go at sounding out some of the letters/words of what their drawings are and write some sounds next to their pictures. 

Use these to help with your child’s mark making/ writing

Friday 22nd May


Learn some songs about people who help us

Early Years Song: People who help us

Here is a song for EYFS about people who help us, the tune is 'the wheels on the bus'. The verses include: teacher, doctor, nurse, dentist, lollipop man, cle...