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Literacy/ Communication and Language

As well as the learning for each day please also encourage your child to practise writing their name everyday using a range or mark making tools - pencils, felt tips, pens, crayons, paints, chalks. They also need to try to use a tripod grip (two fingers and thumb) when writing.

Tripod Grip

Monday 1st June 


Listen to the story Amazing Airplanes with your child and ask you child the following questions for understanding. Encourage you child to talk in sentences, you can model this for them if they are using one word answers and they can repeat back. 


Talk to you child about the Author of the book (the person who has written the story) and the Illustrator ( the person who has drawn the pictures).


Where are the words/pictures?

Where do we start reading from? 

Who works on the flight deck? What do they do?

What do people bring on holiday with them?

Can you name some parts of the plane?

What do the cabin crew do?

What words can you hear that rhyme/ sound the same on each page?

Have you ever been on an airplane? Where did you go? 

Amazing Airplanes -;- Toni Minton -;- Books Read for Kids Aloud!

Tuesday 2nd June - 


Get some photographs of a family holiday and look at them with you child. Talk to your child about what they remember about the holiday. Encourage you child to speak in sentences. You can model this to help them. You can also ask them some questions to help prompt them to remember about the holiday:


Where are we in this picture?

What did we do there? What did we see?

How did we travel there?

What did you like/not like about the holiday and why?

What was the weather like?

What did we bring with us from home?




Wednesday 3rd June


Ask you child to mark make/ draw/ write about a holiday they have been on. Use the following templates below to help support your child. If they are able they can use the sound mat to sound out some letters of the words and write them next to their marks/drawings. 


It is important each time your child completes a writing activity from Nursery they are encouraged to try and use a tripod grip (two fingers and thumb) to hold their pencils/crayons and also always practise writing their name on each piece of their work. The more they practice the better.

Thursday 4th June


Look at power point of different countries around the world with you child. Talk to them and show them where we live in England. Talk to your child and show them some of the other countries you may have been on holiday. Ask them if they remember what it was like there? Ask your child where they might like to go on holiday and why? Do they know any names of the other countries? How do they know? Allow your child to ask you some questions about the world map like - where is this country and what things can you do in that country? Answer what you can and share this experience with your child to find out new things about different countries together. You could find out things you may not know by looking it up together on the computer or looking at the post cards from Brown Bear to help you. This is all about encouraging your child to talk and for them to ask questions about holidays and different countries. 

Friday 5th June


Complete one of the activities on the phonics page.