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Literacy/ Communication and Language

As well as the learning for each day please also encourage your child to practise writing their name everyday using a range or mark making tools - pencils, felt tips, pens, crayons, paints, chalks. They also need to try to use a tripod grip (two fingers and thumb) when writing.

Tripod Grip

Monday 8th June 

Read the Story Rosie's Holiday to your child and ask your child the following questions after for understanding. Encourage you child to speak in sentences when answering. 


Did Rosie want to go on holiday? Why?

What animals lived next door to Rosie’s house? 
Who packed the car for the holiday?   

Where were Rosie and her family were staying at on their holiday?       
Where was the sea?

Who did Rosie say “hello” to?
What did Rosie fill her bucket with?  
What did Mum had make for Rosie?                   
What cuddly toy did Rosie have? 

What happened at the begging? Middle? End of the story?

Which part did you like the best?

Tuesday 9th June

Ask you child to mark make/ draw/ write about their favourite part of the story Rosie's Holiday. If you need to re-cap the story with them to remember you can read it again together. Use the following templates below to help support your child. If they are able they can use the sound mat to sound out some letters of the words and write them next to their marks/drawings. 


It is important each time your child completes a writing activity from Nursery they are encouraged to try and use a tripod grip (two fingers and thumb) to hold their pencils/crayons and also always practise writing their name on each piece of their work. The more they practice the better.

Wednesday 10th June

Look at the power point of different countries of the world with you child and talk about some places having hot climates/ weather and others having cold. Talk to them about needing different types of clothing on holidays depending on the climate/ weather in that country.  Ask your child some questions about different countries and the climate/weather:


What is the weather like in this country? England?

What type of clothes do we wear in England? Why?

Can you remember some other names of countries from last week? Or where we have been on holiday?

Can you remember what the weather was like in a country we have been on holiday?

What did we have to take with us for the hot/cold weather on that holiday? Why?

Would you like to go to another hot/ cold country on holiday again? Where?

What would you need to bring to that holiday why?



Thursday 11th June


Remind you child about what you talked about yesterday - hot and cold countries around the world and what you would need if you went on holiday to these countries and why. Encourage you child to sort the clothes items in the power point according to hot or cold weather countries.Talk to your child about why they have made that choice. There is also another activity where your child can cut out the clothes and stick them in a suitcase for a hot or cold holiday. Your child can have a go at writing their name and talking about the names of the items of clothes and you can scribe what they say next to each one. If you think your child can they could label some of the items of clothing using their sounds instead of you scribing it for them. This could just be initial sounds only or any sounds they can hear. Use the sound mat to help. 

Friday 12th June


Complete one of the activities on the phonics page.