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Literacy/ Communication and Language

As well as the learning for each day please also encourage your child to practise writing their name everyday using a range or mark making tools - pencils, felt tips, pens, crayons, paints, chalks. They also need to try to use a tripod grip (two fingers and thumb) when writing. If your child can write their first name they can practice their surname. If they can write both please practice writing all the letters of the alphabet. 

Tripod Grip

Monday 29th June

Look at the power point with your child. It is all about the season of summer. Talk to them about each page explaining all about the season of summer. You can also ask them some questions to check their understanding of the season of summer - What do you know about the season of summer? What reminds you of summer? Can you remember the other seasons we learnt about this year? How is summer different to the other seasons? There are also some questions on the power point you can ask them. Encourage your child to speak in sentences, if they are only using one word answers, you can model sentences for them and they can repeat the sentence back to you. 

Tuesday 30th June

Recap what your child learnt about the season of summer yesterday. Ask them where do people like to go to in the summer? Answer - the beach. Explain to your child that while at the beach there is some important things we have to remember to keep safe and that is what they will learn about today. Go through the Sammy Seagulls safety power point with your child. Read the story/ song to them and ask your child the questions. See if your child can keep the family safe at the beach in the hot season of summer by making sure they remember the safety rules.  

Wednesday 1st July

Ask you child to mark make/ draw/ write about all they have learnt about the season of summer and keeping safe in the hot weather. Use the following templates below to help support your child. If they are able they can use the sound mat to sound out some letters of the words and write them next to their marks/drawings. 


It is important each time your child completes a writing activity from Nursery they are encouraged to try and use a tripod grip (two fingers and thumb) to hold their pencils/crayons and also always practise writing their name on each piece of their work. Also to always talk about what their marks/pictures are. The more they practice the better.

Thursday 2nd July

Your child has now learnt about all the different seasons throughout the year at Nursery. Read the story Seren's Seasons to your child. Parents please note the story is in two parts. Ask your child the following questions for understanding. Encourage you child to talk in sentences, you can model this for them if they are using one word answers and they can repeat back. You can also sound out some smaller words in the story for your child to orally blend together and say the word - for example b  i  g. 


What did Seren want to take out of her clothes cupboard?

What did Seren do in Spring?

What did Seren wear in Summer?

What did Seren do in the Summer?

What did she watch in her room?

Why do you think Seren look sad?

What did Seren do in the Autumn?

Why did Seren look happy/ delighted in the end of the story?

Who were the characters in the story?


Friday 3rd July

Some other activities your child can have a go at.