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Literacy/ Communication and language

Monday 4th May 

Go through the PowerPoint with your child to learn about a Vet

Tuesday 5th May


Read the story about a Vet with your child - talk to your child about where the words are, where you start reading, and we always read from left to right. 

Now ask you child some questions for understanding: 

What is a Vet and what do they do? 

Which animal visited the Vet first? 
What animal visited the Vet on Wednesday? What was wrong with the animal? 
How did the Vet help the Tiger? 
What happened to the Vet at the end of the story? 

Wednesday 6th May

Cut out these pictures of the story and see if you can put them in the correct order

Play the Zoo Vet game - What Animal am I?

Thursday 7th May

Your child can have a go at mark making/drawing all you know about the story The Zoo Vet. If you can you can have a go at sounding out some of the words of your drawings and writing some sounds next to your pictures