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Literacy/Communication and Language

As well as the learning for each day please also encourage your child to practise writing their name everyday using a range or mark making tools - pencils, felt tips, pens, crayons, paints, chalks. They also need to try to use a tripod grip (two fingers and thumb) when writing. If your child can write their first name they can practice their surname. If they can write both please practice writing all the letters of the alphabet. 

Monday 22nd June

Listen to the story Summertime Bounce with your child and ask you child the following questions for understanding. Encourage you child to talk in sentences, you can model this for them if they are using one word answers and they can repeat back. 


Where are the words/pictures?

Where do we start reading from? 

What is happening in the picture?

How is he feeling? Why?

What is in the bag of summertime toys?

Where did the beach ball bounce through? What did it pass?

What happened at the beginning/ middle/ end of the story?


Now listen to the story Summertime Bounce with your child again. This time talk to your child about the words in the story that rhyme (sound the same). Give them an example from the first page. As you listen to each page being read pause the story each time and ask your child is there any words on this page that rhyme (sound the same). You can write down some of the words that rhyme together as you and your child talk about them. After you have finished listening to the story again with your child and talking about the rhyming words you can show them the words you have written down that rhyme and recap them with your child. 




Summertime Bounce!

Tuesday 23rd June

Activity 1 - Recap what rhyming words are with your child. Cut out the pictures below individually and mix them up and see if your child can match the picture and words that rhyme. There are a few pictures that the words rhyme together this is called a rhyming string. See if your child can match all the pictures that rhyme together to complete each rhyming string. If you are unable to print them your child can draw the pictures on a piece of paper cut them out and match them together if the words rhyme.


Activity 2 - Play the odd one out rhyming game. Look at the pictures on each line, tell your child some of these picture/words rhyme with each other but one does not. Can your child guess the word that does not rhyme (the odd one out). 

Wednesday 24th June

Read the story below to your child - Ronald the Rhino. This story also has some rhyming words in it. Can your child hear the rhyming words and tell you them from each page. Your child can have a go at the Ronald the Rhino rhyming game afterwards. 

Thursday 25th June

Ask you child to mark make/ draw/ write about some rhyming words/pictures they know. Use the following templates below to help support your child. If they are able they can use the sound mat to sound out some letters of the rhyming words and write them next to their marks/drawings. 


It is important each time your child completes a writing activity from Nursery they are encouraged to try and use a tripod grip (two fingers and thumb) to hold their pencils/crayons and also always practise writing their name on each piece of their work. The more they practice the better.

Friday 26th June

Another rhyming game your child can have a go at. Click on the correct picture that rhymes with the picture shown.

Today Zoom Story - You can read again and find the rhyming words.