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As well as the activities below please encourage your child to orally count everyday to 10/20 or beyond if they can. Also practise recognising the numbers everyday in a random order. Do this using the number cards below, hold them up one at a time and ask your child to name the number then show them another number and name it. Another way is to stick the numbers up around the house and tell your child to name the number when they see it. Use the numbers your child knows (0-5/0 -10 or 0-20) and only introduce one or two more numbers as a challenge for them and tell them the numbers they don't know yet and see if they can remember the new numbers next time. Your child can also hold up the correct amount of fingers to match the number - 0-10. There is also a copy of the numbers below for your child to practise number writing. 
This week your child will be re-capping prepositions. We have learnt these in Nursery this year. 

Monday 6th July

Go through the poster cards with your child explaining the position of the teddy bear. Encourage your child to repeat the sentence after you for example - the bear is on the chair. This activity is to remind the children of the different positional words and what they mean. They will learn the following positional words - on, in front, behind, beside, under, above, in between, above, below, next to, in etc. 

Tuesday 7th July

Teach the preposition song to your child using the power point below. It is to the tune 'if your happy and you know it'. Your child will need a bean bag, ball or teddy to perform the actions in the song (you can change the word beanbag to the object they are using). As you sing the song together your child has to put the object they have in the correct position of the words that are sung - for example - put the bean bag on your head, on your head. You can also add some more verses to the song using other positional words that are not on the power point for example - put the beanbag behind you back, behind you back. 

Wednesday 8th July

Today is the Uxendon Manor School Virtual Sports Day. Please see details of activities for your child on the letter emailed to you from the school. 

Thursday 9th July

Go through the power points below with your child. They have to use sentences to explain where the teddy/puppy is using the positional language words they have learnt. You can ask them where the teddy/puppy is? Remind them to use their positional words. They have to reply 'the teddy/puppy is ………… the ………..

If your child only uses one word answers to describe the position of the teddy/puppy you can model the sentence to them and get them to repeat it back to you. 

Friday 10th July (Please note today is the last zoom session)

Help your child to cut out the pictures below using a child scissors. You can read the preposition cards to your child and they have to glue the pictures in the correct position around the tree. When they are finished sticking all the pictures ask them some questions about where the objects are. Encourage your child to use sentences when telling you where the objects are positioned around the tree.