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As well as the activities below please encourage your child to orally count everyday to 10/20 or beyond if they can. Also practise recognising the numbers everyday in a random order. Do this using the number cards below, hold them up one at a time and ask your child to name the number then show them another number and name it. Another way is to stick the numbers up around the house and tell your child to name the number when they see it. Use the numbers your child knows (0-5/0 -10 or 0-20) and only introduce one or two more numbers as a challenge for them and tell them the numbers they don't know yet and see if they can remember the new numbers next time. Your child can also hold up the correct amount of fingers to match the number - 0-10. There is also a copy of the numbers below for your child to practise number writing. 
This week the children will be re-capping comparing two groups of objects and saying when they have the same number. We have done this previously in Nursery this year.

Monday 13th July

Go through the power point with your child. Can your child help the bears keep it fair and have the same amount of birthday items each?

Tuesday 14th July

Go through the power point with your child. Can they see if the pirates are being fair and sharing the same amount of treasure each?

Wednesday 15th July

Your child can have a go at these challenges below to find groups with the same amount of objects. 

Thursday 16th July

Click on the link below for the twinkl go website to play a sharing game about same amounts with your child. Put in the code: PI6492  to play. 

Friday 17th July (Please note this is the last day of term, there is no learning zoom session today)

Last day of term, your child can play some counting and number games, click on the links below: