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Monday 6th July 2020

Learning aim for your child this week is to be able to solve number problems by halving numbers.



Before teaching your child to halve a number, make sure that they can halve a shape. Most children find it easy to halve a shape and don’t realise that halving means the same as splitting into 2 equal parts. So please make sure that they have understood the following common misconceptions:

1. When you half a shape, you must make sure that it is split in the middle. This teaches the child that halving must be fair and that both halves must look the same.
2. There is more than one way to half a shape. Ask your child to halve a rectangle or square in as many ways as possible. This should include diagonally as well.
3. Draw and inaccurately half some shapes so that some are split unequally, some are split into three or more pieces. then ask your child to find out if they have been halved.


There are many ways to explain the term of “half of”; sharing equally between 2 people, counting in 2’s, dividing by 2, opposite of doubling and splitting down the middle.


Lesson 1

In this lesson your child will learn about what 'half' means by practising halving amounts.


This powerpoint will help your child recognise halves in a real life context.

Cut out activity to understand halving

Tuesday 7th July

Lesson 2

In this lesson your child will continue to practise halving.

Learn to Half - Halving Story - Sharing Story - Maths Story

learntohalf #halving #mathstory Learn to have with Sophie and her brother using sweets.

Wednesday 8th July 2020

Whole school virtual sports day!

Thursday 9th July

Lesson 3

In this lesson your child will look at the relationship between double and half.


Chilli challenges provide a differentiated challenge focused upon the halving learning intention. Your child can be challenged at the level that is suitable for them, then, if they achieve their challenge and fancy challenging themselves more, they can try the next chilli challenge. In this resource, they can make different play dough pizzas and cut them in half to share with a friend. Can they half the number of ingredients so that each pizza has the same amount?

Friday 10th July

Lesson 4

This lesson is a revision lesson. If you are watching with your child you can pause the lesson and talk through sections together. You can always go back and watch the lesson for that bit of learning again.

Choose which of these activities your child would like to do today.