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Monday 20th April 2020

Watch and listen to the video on symmetry. Go on a symmetry hunt around your home and if possible in your garden. If you have a tablet or

i-pad, ask an adult to supervise you taking photographs of objects or natural objects which are symmetrical.


Challenge: Can you find an object that is symmetrical and has 2D Shapes in it's pattern?

Ask an adult to read you the 'Symmetrical Minibeasts' PowerPoint. Decide which minibeasts are symmetrical and which minibeasts are not.


Cut out the butterflies on the sheets, mix them up and stick them on pieces of construction or other connecting objects to make symmetrical butterflies. Talk about the  patterns on each butterfly.


Challenge: Draw and colour your own butterflies, cut them in half and stick them on pieces of construction or other connecting objects.

Complete the symmetrical patterns on each butterfly by using either paints, felt tips or colouring pencils.


Challenge: Using the blank butterfly template, paint a  pattern on one of the butterfly's wings. Then fold the paper over, press down, peel back and leave to dry.

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Use a dice and counters to play this St George and the Dragon themed Board  Game with someone in your family. Who will win? Good luck!

Complete the butterfly symmetry shape pictures. Can you name the 2D shapes in the pictures?