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Monday 11th May 2020 


To know that events occur different times of the day

Show your child some pictures about what they do at different times of the day. Can they put them in the correct order? Why do they eat breakfast in the morning? Why do they sleep at night?


Download and print out the  activity below for your child. Encourage them to answer the questions on each picture card, cut them out and stick them onto the correct board.


Can you make a picture of a routine you are familiar with?

It could be something traditional or a family custom. Add your picture to the correct board.



Tuesday 12th May 2020


Encourage your child to watch the video on the link below and ask them to describe what it is like to see a particular place or monument during the day and then again at night?


London Day & Night.mp4

Still image for this video


Can the children recognise and name any of these famous places in London?


Wednesday 13th May 2020


Play the game “What’s the time Mr. Wolf?”


How to play this game.

"What's the time Mr. Wolf?" is a chasing game that involves counting and saying different times of the day.


1) As a family decide who will be Mr. Wolf. That person then stands at one end of the room or garden with their back to the other players.

2) The other children/adults stand at the opposite end and shout "What's the time Mr. Wolf?"


3) Mr. Wolf answers with different times, for example "one o'clock" or "eight o'clock".

4) The children/adults take that number of steps toward Mr. Wolf - eight steps for eight o'clock, four steps for four o’ clock etc.

5) The children/adult continue to ask “What's the time Mr. Wolf?" and take the correct number of steps again, each time getting closer to Mr. Wolf. 

6) When the children or adults are standing right behind Mr Wolf, he/she answers "dinnertime" and starts chasing the other children/adults. 

7) The first to be caught becomes the next Mr. Wolf for the next game.



Thursday 14th May 2020


Complete the dot-to-dot activity sheet. Can you guess the animal?


Friday 15th May 2020

Below you will find links to a number of songs which will help your child understand the different events and routines that occur throughout the day. Please encourage them to sing along.


Daily Routines

What's the time Mr Clock?

Wake Up!

Every Day!

The morning routines song

Hickory Dickory Dock