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Please use the following resources to help your child learn all about solving problems with addition and subtraction this week. The first pdf for the day will be the lesson notebook offering all the information your child will need to learn. Then there will be a practical activity for each lesson. If there are options, option 1 will be the easiest, then option 2 will be harder and option 3 will be the hardest. Please try to choose the activity which challenges your child at a good level. Please ask your child's class teacher if you need help selecting the best activities for your child. 


Please also note we usually spend our Friday lessons developing mental math skills using the Maths Passport Targets. Your child should know the Passport they are on, but if they do not, please ask your child's class teacher for this information. Most children in Year 1 are currently in Asia. 


Please send your work to your teacher via email once a week so they can see how you did and help you with anything you need to work on.