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Uxendon Manor Primary School

Uxendon Manor Primary School


As well as the activities below please encourage your child to orally count everyday to 10/20 or beyond if they can. Also practise recognising the numbers everyday in a random order. Do this using the number cards below, hold them up one at a time and ask your child to name the number then show them another number and name it. Another way is to stick the numbers up around the house and tell your child to name the number when they see it. Use the numbers your child knows (0-5/0 -10 or 0-20) and only introduce one or two more numbers as a challenge for them and tell them the numbers they don't know yet and see if they can remember the new numbers next time. Your child can also hold up the correct amount of fingers to match the number - 0-10. There is also a copy of the numbers below for your child to practise number writing. 
This week your child will be learning to represent numbers using fingers, marks on paper and pictures. 

Monday 22nd June

You will need a pencil and paper. Tell your child today they are going to help some very forgetful zoo animals. Explain to your child the zoo animals need to go shopping for food but when they get to the shop they forget how many food items they need. Show your child the Maya the Monkey zoo animal poster and say she needs to buy four bananas when she goes to the shops but when she gets there she forgets how many. Ask your child - how could you help her remember? They may suggest drawing lines/dots/ pictures to help her remember. If they don't you can suggest it to them. Print off and show your child the zoo animal shopping list activity sheet and the picture of Maya the Monkey. If you cannot print off the sheet your child can draw the animals one under the other on a plain piece of paper. Say you are going to use this sheet to record pictures/ dots/ lines to remind Maya how many bananas she wanted to buy. Model drawing four bananas next to the photo of Maya and say one number name for each banana as you draw it. Then carefully model counting your banana drawings to make sure you have four. Explain that is one way to help her remember. Rub out the four bananas using a rubber. Another way you could help Maya remember is to draw four dots or lines. Model this to show your child. Ask some questions - if Maya needed four bananas how many dots would I draw? Give your child the shopping list activity sheet and ask your child to draw something next to the picture of Maya to remind them she wanted four bananas. Repeat this with the other zoo animals and what they need from the shops: 

Piotr the penguin wants three fish

Reggie the Rhino wants five apples

Ellie the Elephant wants six carrots

Barry the Bear wants eight berries

(Please note if you want to use higher numbers with your child you can if they are able just make up your own number of items for each zoo animal). 

As your child completes the activity encourage them to draw each picture/dot/line slowly saying one number name for each item and ask them to carefully count what they have drawn using their finger to touch each picture/line/dot. Your child can check they have the same amount as what was read out. Ask your child how could they double check they have the right amount of each food item? Answer - They can count the lines/ dots/ pictures they have recorded. Your child could also represent the amount of food items by showing that amount of their fingers each time. When your child has finished encourage them to count the amount of each pictures/dots/lines they have drawn for each animal representing the amounts of food items they wanted and write the numeral next to the animal. If they need support writing the numeral use the number line to help them. When your child has finished go through the answers with them. Did they draw the right amount of pictures/lines/dots to represent what each animal wanted from the shops? If they did not, explain/discuss how close they were and how many more/ less pictures/lines/dots they needed to draw. Praise your child for their recordings and counting. 

Tuesday 23rd June

You will need a pencil and paper. Show your child Betty's Bakery prompt card. Ask them some questions - what do you think this person does? Why? Explain to your child what a Bakers job is. Tell them Betty needs some help, she works in a bakery and she needs to find lots of apples to bake some apple pies. Ask your child where do we find apples? - Explain they grow on trees. Use three of the how many apples blank activity mats. If you cannot print three mats your child could draw three trees instead. Tell your child Betty needs a certain amount of apples for her pies use numbers 0-5/10/20 depending on which numbers your child is working on. Ask your child how can we show the number of apples she needs? - They might show their fingers (0-10 only) or they might say we can draw the apples or finger paint them on using red paint. Ask some questions for example - if Betty needs 5 apples how many do we draw/paint? Can you show me holding up the correct amount of fingers?(0-10 only). As your child draws/ paints the correct amount of apples on the tree that you said encourage them to give one number name to each apple as they put it on the tree. If your child forgets how many they have put on the tree they can recount and check. You can ask your child - how to we check we have the right amount of apples? Answer - 'we can count them'. After your child has draw/painted the amount of apples on the tree encourage them to write the correct numeral in the box above the tree. Use the number line to help show your child what the numbers look like if they need it. Repeat this using two more trees and a different amount of apples. Praise your child for helping to find all the apples Betty the Baker needed. 



Wednesday 24th June

Tell your child you would like them to complete a challenge while you read the story out. Explain they have to use a pen and paper to record how many magical creatures they hear you mention in the story as you read it out loud. Ask some questions to your child - How will you record it? Answers they might say - I can draw pictures of creatures, dots or lines to represent each one or write numbers starting from 1 for the first creature. If they are not sure how to record the number of creatures you can suggest some ways and model it to remind them and then they can pick one. Ask your child do they have any questions before you start to check they fully understand the task. Explain to your child at the end you will be asking them how they have recorded the number of creatures on their paper. Read the exciting magical number story to your child slowly and carefully, they have to listen and not look at the pictures. Stop every now and again to ask your child if they are remembering to record how many creatures you are mentioning. When you have finished reading the story to your child ask them to show you their paper.


Ask the following questions:

Can you explain what you have drawn on your paper?

How did you record each creature?

What other ways could you record the creatures?

How can we work out how many magical creature there are altogether? - Answer to count the pictures/dots/lines.

Encourage your child to write the numeral for each amount of their pictures/ lines/dots using the number line if needed. 


Tell your child you are both now going to check how many creatures were in the story by counting them as you go through it again. Read the story again and use the pictures to keep a count of how many creatures there are in total. You can keep a tally on another piece of paper so your child can see you modelling how to represent number using marks. Ask your child to help you count your tally lines then write the total number on your paper. Compare the answer with your child's piece of paper. Discuss with your child how close/ correct they were to finding out how many creatures were in the story. Even if your child did not get the correct number they have still had a great go at recording amounts in different ways. Praise them for good listening and recording skills.

Thursday 25th June

Your child can have a go at these representing number in different ways challenges. 

Friday 26th June

We can also use songs we know to help up with representing numbers in different ways. Your child can have a go at the activity below. 


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