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Maths Passports

What are Maths passports?


We use passport cards for each stage/continent containing a list of targets taken from the rapid recall elements of the Primary Framework for each year group:
Stage 1 – Europe 
Stage 2 – Asia 
Stage 3a – North Africa 

Stage 3b - South Africa
Stage 4a – Eastern Australasia 

Stage 4b - Western Australasia
Stage 5 – North America 
Stage 6 – South America 
Stage 7 – Globetrotters 
This is a very personalised way of learning as the children are not simply given the passport for their year group but they are on the passport for the level they are working at. They progress at their own speed onto the next stage.
We would like to thank Ray Maher for giving us permission to use his valuable resources.
Passport Process:
1.   The passport targets are incorporated into the oral mental starters daily (and possibly additional sessions for children who are behind)
2.  Children are assessed on these targets at regular intervals by completing a timed task. (There should be a period of at least 2 weeks between assessments focusing on the same target)
3.  Three ticks next to a target, this indicates that the target has been achieved.
4.  Children continue to practice and be assessed on the remaining targets until all of the targets for a continent have been achieved. They receive a certificate for this achievement. They then move on to the next continent and a new set of targets.