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Talk Homework - Sports Relief 2016

Talk Homework - SPORTS RELIEF 2016

Of all the money raised by the public through Sport Relief, 50% is used to make a difference right here in the UK, and 50% goes towards transforming lives across the world’s poorest communities.

1) What is Sports Relief?

2)  Did you know that in the last 2 years, Sports Relief cash has helped to enable...
189,000 children to achieve an education?  What else do you think the money is spent on?

3)  Are you getting involved to raise some money?  Our runners with great stamina have been selected to run one mile this Sunday.  Good luck to all the children and staff!

4) Why is it important to give to other less fortunate than ourselves?

5)  Talk about this family who helped raise money and now an afterschool club for 100 girls has been set up in Kenya.

"Jerry and his two sons, Charlie and Alex, took on the Colchester Mile in 2014 and got sponsored, raising a brilliant £255."


"That is enough to set up and run an afterschool club for 100 girls in Kenya, helping them to learn new skills, do their homework and stay in school so that they can build a better future for themselves."