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Talk Homework - Storytelling

Talk Homework
National Storytelling Week

Next week is National Storytelling Week 2015.  Please ask your child(ren) to verbally tell you a story.  Tell them that they are the next greatest author!  You can use the questions below to ask them to elaborate on the story.  Think about different genres (types) of stories, for example:  adventure, fairy tales, suspense, myths, legends or science fiction (sci-fi).  Perhaps you could tell them a story afterwards too?

1)  What type of story are you going to tell me?

2)  Tell me the main problems (dilemma) in your story?

3)  Who is the hero or heroine?  What qualities do they have to make them good?

4)  Which 5 exciting words are you going to include in this story?

5)  Can you re-tell me your favourite story but change the ending of the story?