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Talk Homework - The Apple iWatch 2015

Talk Homework
The Apple iWatch


The Apple iWatch is nearly here...  The talk homework is linked to the iWatch and technology.

Possible questions to ask your child(ren):

1)  What functions do you think the iWatch will have?

2)  At a starting price of around £299.00, in your opinion do you think new technology is worth investing into?  If so, why?  If not, why not?  Please explain your answer.

3)  If you designed an app for the watch, what would it be?

4)  Imagine you work for the Apple design team, what gadget would you design?

5)  Siri is an intelligent personal assistant on the latest Apple iPhones.  Siri will also be available on the iWatch. Think of 3 questions you could ask Siri on the watch.


Remember good communication will increase your chances to work for APPLE in the future...Keep on talking!