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Parenting workshops

Parenting sessions called Parent gym will start in Spring 2, 2018.


Watch out for them. A text message will be sent out to all Parents and you are welcome to sign up for them.

'Good information is provided for parents to help them take an active role in their children’s learning'(Ofsted, 2017)


The programme is for any parent whose child attends this school. We have a trained coach who will co-ordinate sessions and provide guidance to parents.

"Very effective work with parents has also strengthened the link between school and home". (Ofsted, 2017)


The topics are 2 hour sessions each week and cover strategies and worthwhile tips on communicating with young children, building children's confidence and self-esteem, setting consistent boundaries, keeping healthy, learning through play at home, and building a strong family unit and dealing with sibling conflict. 

'As one parent said: ‘This school is an amazing school that treats you like a family.’(Ofsted, 2017)


This is a FREE six week programme for our school and has proved to be very successful in the past. 


It is called Parentgym but is nothing to do with exercise!! It is all about tips and guidance and strategies to help with the most important job you will ever have...parenting.

 'Parents and pupils are very involved in the life of the school' (Ofsted, 2017)


If you are interested please see Mrs Bhanderi (In Reception)


What parents thought


"Excellent programme which would benefit all by it being on-going"


"It is very helpful for me and my daughter"


"Yes, is good for me I have learnt so much new things"


"Promotes positive language in talk"


What parents thought


"Its excellent"


"Useful tips on eating- looking forward to trying them out


"This session really helped me in building a good relationship with my daughter and husband and be a good strong lovable family"


"Very helpful. She's lovely"


What parents thought


"Loved the session and the topics covered. We are already doing them with our child"


"Amazing lessons full of useful tips and ideas"


"I was great to hear other parents issues. Also being able to meet other parents who you don't normally see or talk to during drop off times"


"Every parent must attend to improve their child's behaviour and discipline"  



Parentgym 2017 Statistics

  • 6 sessions ran between May and July in 2017
  • 46 participants gave feedback
  • 100% felt actively involved in the workouts
  • 100% felt the content was relevant to them
  • 100%will use what they have learnt
  • 100% would recommend it to others
  • 96%would rate this workout as very good or excellent