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Phase 3

Monday 1st June 2020


Listen to the alphabet song. Teach it and sing it every day for a week. Use a set of alphabet cards (magnetic or write them on a piece of paper).

Display a letter (e.g. a) and tell your child that it is  (say its name) and it makes the sound  (say its sound).


Display the alphabet freeze and point to the letters as your child sings the alphabet.


Continue singing the alphabet daily and point to the letters until you are satisfied that your child knows the letter names.

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Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Recap all the sounds from Phase 3 with your child.


Ask your child to read and write the following words:

pain  wait  jeep weep  tail  feet


Ask your child to read and write the following sentences:

Can you sail a boat?

It is good to meet you both.


Wednesday 3rd June 2020
Use the clues and ask your child to think about a word to fill in and solve the puzzle below.
Thursday 4th June 2020

Cut the words and ask your child to build the sentences in the correct order.


I   have    fish   and   chips   on   a    dish.


Mark    and    Dina    got    wet    in    the    rain.

Friday 5th June 2020

Sentence substitution

Ask your child to read the sentence. 

Mark  fed  the  cat.

Ask your child to substitute some words. Does it make sense?

Ask your child to write the new sentences.

Alternative words:

dog   hid   Dina   moon

Sentence 2

The sheep are in the shed.

Alternative words:

bedroom   farmyard  cars  wait