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These phase 1 phonics activities can be done at anytime during the week. 

Phonics Song

Listen to this song with your child a few times a week for them to learn the names of the letters and the sounds they make.

Phase 1 - Alliteration 


Use the instructions with you child to find the things in the poster. 

Phase 1 - Rhyming


Go through the power point with your child. Say the words to your child and get them to repeat them back to you. Can they hear the ones that rhyme (sound the same) and click on them.

Phase 1 Environmental Sounds/ Oral Blending and Segmenting


Play this interactive phonics game with your child.


Go to website: (Link Below)


Go to sign in and enter code:



Game 1 - Your child has to listen to the instrument sounds and click on the correct instrument. 


Game 2 - Click on the buttons to hear the letter sounds and say them. Next orally blend and segment the words to say the whole words.