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Phonics Song

Re - Cap listening to this song with your child a few times a week for them to learn the names of the letters and the sounds they make.

Phase 1 - Alliteration 


Use the instructions with your child to find the things in the poster. 

Words starting with the letter T

Phase 1 - Rhyming

Ask your child to match the images that have the same rhyme endings.

Phase 1 - Oral Blending and Segmenting


Animal Hunt 

Print and place the animal photos around the house or in the garden (you could also draw animal pictures) 

Go for an animal hunt walk with your child. When they spot an animal, ask if they know what animal it is. Encourage your child to orally segment (sound talk) the word as they say it, for example 'i found the  d-o-g' or 'i found the 'c-a-t'. Key questions to ask your child :what animal is it? what sounds can you hear? Can you find me  the d-o-g?