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Phonics Song 2

Listen to this song with your child a few times a week for them to learn the names of the letters and the sounds they make.

The 'i' sound

"i" - Jolly Phonics (Inky the mouse is my pet)

Please practise this song with your child as well as teaching them the action which is shown on the top right hand corner of the video.

Phase 1 -Alliteration

Use the instructions with your child to find the things in the poster....

Phase 1: Rhyming 

Read the rhyming strips out to your child and let them tell you which is the odd one out. 

Phase 1: Oral blending and segmenting

The main aim is to develop oral blending and segmenting skills.

To practise oral blending, you could say some sounds, such as /c/-/u/-/p/ and see whether the children can pick out a cup from a group of objects.

For segmenting practise, you could hold up an object such as a sock and ask the children which sounds they can hear in the word sock.