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Ruby Class Caterpillars



Hi Ruby Class, Mrs Hayes and Mrs Sauciuc hope you are all well and are having lots of fun learning at home. We just wanted to give you an update on how our class caterpillars are doing.


All five caterpillars are alive and well! They have been eating their nutritious food, are growing bigger every day and have been spinning silk.


All five caterpillars have crawled up to the top of the clear plastic pot and are hanging upside down, preparing for the next stage of their life cycle.


Can you guess what this stage is?


Over night all five caterpillars began their metamorphosis and have hardened into chrysalides (chrysalides are also known as pupae).



The five chrysalides have now hardened and have been gently move into the pop-up butterfly habitat. It will take between seven to ten more days for them to complete their transformation into adult butterflies.

Great news Ruby Class, our first Painted Lady Butterfly has emerged from it's chrysalis. Hopefully the next four will follow shortly. We will keep you posted.

And just like that, our remaining four Painted Lady Butterflies have emerged from their chrysalides. They're are enjoying a new diet of oranges and apples. Tomorrow Mrs Sauciuc will release the butterflies from their mesh habitat into the wild.

Still image for this video

Apologies for the delay Ruby Class, this video took a few attempts to upload.


On Good Friday, Mrs Sauciuc released our five Painted Lady Butterflies into the wild. As you can see they were very happy in their net habitat and needed a little help to fly away. 


We hope you have enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a butterfly through this diary. There will be a butterfly sequencing activity for you to complete next week so please use the information on this page to help you if you get stuck.