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Week 3 - wc 3rd August

Activity 1 - Butterly Pattern Symmetry

Can you design the wings of a butterfly, using quadrilateral shapes?

Activity 2 - Colour By Calculations

Can you solve the Calculations to colour the picture correctly?

Activity 3 - Internet Safety Crossword

Can you solve the riddles about internet safety to complete the crossword?

Activity 4 - Design and Make Your Own Lego Figure

Can you design and make your own Lego character? What would their name be? What would their career be?

Activity 5 - SPAG Mat

Can you practise your grammar and punctuation skills?

Activity 6 - Trial By Jury Comprehension 

Activity 7 - Exploding Yeast Balloon - Science Experiment 

Can you investigate the effect that yeast will have on an inflating balloon?