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Week 20/11/2020

Please note we will be moving to a new platform for homework next week called Seesaw. Information about this will be sent to you and a virtual workshop will be organised providing information on how to use it. 


For this week the homework for the Nursery children will be on here and also 1 or 2 activities on Seesaw for you to have a go at. 


Please note you can choose if you want to do some or all of this home learning with your child. If you do not have a printer or wish not to print the homework, you can use resources you have at home to complete your child's home learning. All they need is plain paper and pencils/ felt tips/ crayons to have a go. 

Communication and Language -Talk Homework

This week we have been learning about animals that come out at night time - 'nocturnal animals'. Look at the pictures/power point below and talk to your child about the different night time animals. 

Phonics - Phase 1 Aspect 3 - Body Percussion

Open the file below and try some of these activities with your child at home.

Literacy - Writing

Use a plain piece of paper or print the page below and get your child to draw/mark make a picture of a night time animal (nocturnal animal). You can do the talk homework first so your child can recap about the night time animals. Encourage your child to talk to you about the night time animal - what they look like, what sounds they make, where they live or what they eat. Then they can have a go at writing their name (with support). When you child is holding their pencils/ felt tips/ crayons encourage them to use a comfortable tripod grip:

Your child can also keep practicing their name writing with the page which we sent home the other week. Please keep the piece of paper inside the plastic wallet and use a whiteboard pen to practice their name writing twice - once going over the letters and once by them writing their name independently. Your child needs to start at the black dot for each letter and follow the arrow to form each letter correctly.  The name writing page can be kept at home for the year for your child to keep practicing every week. You can use a tissue to rub out the whiteboard pen and they can practice again and again. You can send some photos via email of how your child is getting on with their name writing at home. 


Every week your child will be sent home a story in their bookbags. Please read this story with your child. Encourage your child to turn the pages independently and talk to them about where the words and pictures are and that we always read from left to right. You can also talk about the person who write the story is called the Author and the person who draws the pictures is called a illustrator. 


After/ during reading you can ask your child some questions for understanding:

Where are the words?

What is happening in that picture?

What do you see? 

Where are they?

Who is in the story? Characters?

What do you think will happen next?

Did you like the story? Why?

How are they feeling? Why?

What happened at the beginning? End?


Use the number cards below and cut them out individually. If you do not have a printer write the numbers on paper and cut them out. Stick the numbers around the house and allow your child to go on a number hunt. When your child finds a number they have to say it loud then they can find another number until they have found them all. if your child does not know their numbers yet you can say the number when they find it and they repeat the number you said.  


This week we have been counting night time animals. We were using the teddies and counting them pointing to one at a time and saying one number name for each. We then had to find the correct number to match the amount of animals. Have a go at counting the nocturnal animals on one of the sheets below and writing the number in the box next to each line (parents can support with writing the numbers as long as the children are counting them). Please note their are three sheets but you child only needs to do one of them depending on which group of numbers they are working on 0-5, 0-10. the first sheet is working on lower numbers and the last sheet is working on higher numbers. 

Expressive Arts and Design

If you have some paints, junk and craft resources at home your child could have a go at using a scissors and glue to create a owl like the ones below. Talk to your child about what they are making and the colours/shapes they are using.