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Week beginning 9th November 2020

Courageous Conservationist Workshops

In the course of the next 2 weeks each Y4 class will be having a virtual art workshop, using a printing technique to transfer photographs onto wood.

In preparation, you will need to bring in newspaper or magazine pictures of plants and landscapes for your compositions. You don’t need loads, just one or two images.  Weekend magazine inserts often have good gardening or plant pictures, and nature or science magazines also have lots of good images. 

Aut 2 - Week 2 Homework


Task 1:  All children to complete as many activties on the 'Readiwriter' website for this week’s spelling list

- Can you find the week 2 - spelling list - Y4 Aut 2 - Wk 2

- How many different activities could you find?

- Which activities did you like and why?

- Learn the spelling words for a test on Monday or Tuesday


Task 2: All children to complete the assigned activities on Mathletics

Complete the assigned activities.


Task 3:  All children to complete the English Task by Tuesday 17th November 2020. If you have Google Classroom set up please submit homework on Google Classroom. Otherwise please email the work to the class email.

Please read through the PowerPoint to recap on the learning.

Attempt questions from both sections.