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Wider Curriculum

Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design

This half term our topic is Food and Growing. Our class role play areas would have been set up as either a restaurant or a café.


Share and read the 'What happens in a Restaurant?' PowerPoint to your child. Once they have learnt about the roles of the different people who work in a restaurant, encourage them to role play the part of a waiter, waitress or chef. Examples of this could be writing an order for food on a notepad, setting the table for dinner or helping to prepare a family meal.

Physical Development

Share and read the 'Healthy Eating' PowerPoint with your child. Talk to them about different food groups and why certain foods are healthy and why others are unhealthy.


Use the lunchboxes and food pictures to create a lunchbox of healthy foods and a lunchbox of unhealthy foods. Label the foods in both your lunchboxes.


Challenge: Underneath your healthy lunchbox, write a sentence about why these foods are good for you.