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Monday 11th May 2020

Understanding of the World 

Decay Investigation


Ask your child to have a look at some of the different fruits and vegetables that you have in your home. Choose one, cut it in half and leave it out on a plate. Explain to them that are going to observe what happens to it over the next few days. Introduce them to the word decay. What does this word mean? What do they think will happen to the fruit or vegetable over the next few days? With permission, your child to take a photograph of their chosen fruit or vegetable each day to record any changes.


Thursday 14th May 2020

Understanding of the World

Decay Investigation Results


Look at the fruit or vegetable your child chose at the beginning of the week and encourage them to talk about how it has changed. If they have taken photographs to record the changes, they can look back at them. Ask them to compare their fruit or vegetable to a healthy one. Ask them if they think the same thing would have happened if they had chosen a different fruit or vegetable? Why?


Encourage your child to watch the video and listen to the song on the link below which shows different examples of how fruit decays over time.

Susie's Song - It's Not Scary, It's Decayed

Friday 15th May 2020

Physical Development (Health and Self-Care)

Safety in the Home


Talk to your child about how they can keep safe in their home and garden. Encourage them to think about the hazards and the ways they can avoid any dangers. Encourage your child to create a map of a room in their home or their garden and draw the things they think are dangerous in each area. Below you will find some activity sheets to help your child understand more about safety in the home.


Challenge: Have a go at labelling your map.