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Personal Social and Emotional Development

Play this 'what am i ' game with your child. Demonstrate the activity first so that your child understands what is required. Routinely use simple language to describe turn taking: My turn, your turn.  If your child is reluctant to take turns, let your child have two turns for every one turn that you have.

Print and cut this resource for a summer themed board game! Use the printable counters (or use your own counters) to place on the 'start' of the board, roll the dice, (you can use your own dice or print the dice template) move your counter along to the number your dice lands on.Then it’s the other persons turn. Move across the arrow if you land on a 'short cut'.Encourage turn taking and take turns with your child/siblings. Who ever who finishes first is the winner.
Copy these letters using a Tripod Grip to hold a mark making tool (Example ; crayon, felt tip, colouring pencil)
Help your child to use the programme ‘paint’ on the computer to draw a picture of 'my favorite part' of our books 'Ronald the Rhino' or 'Summertime bounce'

Expressive Arts and Design - Practice learning these songs with your child