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Wider Curriculum

Personal Social and Emotional Development

Below is a lovely activity you can do with your child, great for their self-esteem!

Fill in the shapes with as many positives you can think of...

E.g. I am brave, kind, smart...


Physical Develpment 

Below are some lovely ideas of recipes and instructions for making your own fruit lollies!!! 

Try to encourage your child to practise their physical skills by: letting them cut the fruit (while being supervised) and holding and pouring ingredients. You could also talk to your child about why the fruit lollies are healthy? What is their favourite fruit and why? They could even draw a picture of their finished fruit lolly. Have fun laugh

Can you make some fruit ice lollies?

KidsKitchen: homemade ice lollies

Rainbow popsticles

Understanding of the World

Seasons Song for Kids

Below is a simple powerpoint to do with your child...

They have to guess which season it is by looking at part of a picture.

Below is a season sorting activity...

You can play this game with your child by taking turns in selecting a picture and talking about which season it goes on. Have fun!!

Expressive Arts and Design

Can you make up you own summer song in the tune of head, shoulders, knees and toes?

I have written my own song: 

'Its hot, sunny, bright and hot, bright and hot

It's hot, sunny, bright and hot, bright and hot

and I really do need a cold ice- cream

It's hot, sunny, bright and hot, bright and hot'.

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes (Instrumental Version)