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Uxendon Manor Primary School

Uxendon Manor Primary School

Wider Curriculum

Personal Social and Emotional

Help your child's transition by reading them this story below titled 'Starting Reception'. 

Another transition activity you could do with your child is an 'All About Me' worksheet similar to the one on the Literacy page. Support you child in filling it out... they could draw a picture of themselves, have a go at writing their name, draw their favourite food, tv show and book. You could even take it into your new Reception teacher in September!
Physical Development

Sports Day 2020


This year, Sports Day was very different to what we're used to. So, it was fantastic to see all of your immense effort and dedication to your assigned challenges - we are very impressed!


You are all stars, you are all winners!


Really well done to the following:


House Team Cup Winner: Blue Team


Most Active Year Group: Year 6


Sportiest Class: 6M & 2V


Watch Mr Parry's Sports Day Assembly again below...

Mr Parry's Sports Day Assembly

Understanding of the World


Wednesday 15th July 2020

Friday 17th July 2020

International Zoom Meeting with class teachers at 1pm. Please see letter emailed for more details.

Please encourage your child to copy the design of the flag of the country their family comes from onto the template below. You can simply google, for example ‘Romanian Flag’ and select the images so that your child can see and copy the design and colours of that flag. They can then cut it out and stick onto a straw or lolly stick. This will be used during our International Zoom Meeting on Friday. Talk to your child about the country your family is from. What are the  traditions like there. What food they eat. Do they wear traditional clothes? what languages do they speak. 

Continuing with our ‘International Celebration’ activities, please show your child the

‘Foods from Around the World’ PowerPoint below.

Ask them the following questions:

Which foods would you like to try?

Which foods would you not like to try? Why?

Have you ever tried foods from another country? Think about when you've been on holiday to a different country.

Expressive Arts and Design

Can you draw a picture of your time spent in Nursery? You could think about what you liked to play with? What was your favourite area of the Nursery, maybe you enjoyed playing on the bikes outside? Can you have a go at drawing this, you could even add mixed media, such as straws, tissue paper, glitter etc or paint a picture? Can you remeber who your friends were? Who did you like to play with? Can you add them to you picture? Lastly, who were your teacher? Do you remeber their names? You may want to also add them to the picture :) 


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