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Monday 22nd June 2020
Transport is the way in which things are carried from one place to the other. Today, the sight of a man travelling to space is quite normal but it has taken a long time for humankind to travel like this. The earliest humans had no fancy transport to travel. So what did they do when they felt the need to travel and explore?
Share your ideas with your family members.
After discussing it with your family, have a look at the following video that takes you through the evolution of transport and then have a look at the pictures from the powerpoint bellow, presenting nowadays land transport.


History of Transport

After watching the video encourage your child to have a go at drawing their own train, following the instructions on the paper.
Tuesday 23rd June 2020
Planes are what we use to go somewhere really far away and took people a long time to get where we are now.
For hundred of years, humans have wanted to fly just like birds.
Watch the first video which explains the evolution  of air transport and the second video shows you different types of air transportation.


History of Air Transport

Air Transport

Encourage your child to have a go at designing their own vehicle by cutting the pieces and sticking them together.
Thursday 25th June 2020
Ship transportation is the process of moving people or goods by barge, boat, ship or sailboat over a sea, ocean, lake, canal or river. 
Watch the following videos that explains about the evolution and different types of water transport.


History of Water Transport

Sea Transport

Encourage your child to choose their favourite vehicle from the following worksheet. They will need then join the dots to reveal the full picture and colour it as well.