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Monday 13th July 2020


Had the children been in school over the summer term, we would have arranged a school trip based around our transport topic. Below you will find links for different of virtual tours relating to transport.


The first link is for The Science Museum in London where your child can explore different modes of transport from the past and learn about outer space.


The second link is for The Transport Museum in London. Again this is an opportunity for your child to learn about how public transport has changed over the years and compare it to the buses and trains that we see during the present day.


Both of these tours will accessed through google maps. Therefore you may need to assist your child in navigating through the different areas of the museums.


The final link is a video brought to you by Dagenham Fire Station. In this video, the fireman will explain what happens when an emergency call reaches the fire station and how they prepare and deal with different scenarios.

Dagenham Fire Station Virtual Visit

Tuesday 14th July 2020



Continuing with our ‘International Celebration’ activities, please show your child the ‘Foods from Around the World’ PowerPoint below.

Ask them the following questions:

Which foods would you like to try?

Which foods would you not like to

try? Why?

Have you ever tries foods from another country? Think about when you've been on holiday to a different country.


Encourage them to think about the different traditional dishes they tried in class back in February. (Please refer to our Spring 2 Curriculum Newsletter.)

Below you will find a 'Foods from Around the World' Bingo Game for you and your child to play.

Wednesday 15th July 2020


Whole School Virtual School Trip

Thursday 16th July 2020


Please encourage your child to copy the design of the flag of the country their family comes from onto the template below. You can simply google, for example ‘Romanian Flag’ and select the images so that your child can see and copy the design and colours of that flag. They can then cut it out and stick onto a straw or lolly stick. This will be used during our International Zoom Meeting on Friday. More details to follow.


Friday 17th July 2020


EYFS End of Year International Celebration Zoom Meeting with class teachers at 1pm