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Writing Tasks

Writing Tasks 

Weeks beginning:

23rd March, 30th March & 6th April 2020 


The writing tasks have been planned for to last over 2 days:

Day 1 - Research the topic, answer the questions and write the first draft

Day 2 - Edit the first draft and produce your final draft 


Remember to include:


  • Structure your Non-Chronological Text into paragraphs using:

       - Titles

       - Sub- titles

       - Diagrams


  • Compose your Non-Chronological Text to engage the reader using:

       - Correct sentence punctuation

       - Spellings

       - Fronted adverbials with a comma

       - Adjectival phrases (group of 3)

       - Expanded noun phrases

- Speech where applicable

- Correct tenses (past, present, future)

- Exciting and powerful vocabulary to engage the reader

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