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Meet our Staff

Meet our friendly staff for the school year 2018/19
Headteacher  - Mr J Parry
Deputy Headteacher  - Ms J Vekaria
Assistant Headteacher, Year  3 Leader / Modern Foreign Languages Leader  -  Mrs D Hallisey
Assistant Headteache /Early Years Foundation Stage Leader/ Reception Leader- Mrs S Bhanderi
Inclusion Leader/SENCO/Child Protection and Safeguarding Leader - Mrs C Soteriou
Upper Key Stage 2 Leader/ Year 6 Leader/ English Leader /Year 6 teacher - Mrs N Morshed
Lower Key Stage 2 Leader / Year 4 Leader / Maths Leader  - Mrs G Wagjiani
Key Stage 1 Leader / Year 1 Leader, RE / PSHCE Leader  -  Ms T Little

School Business Manager - Mrs T Katz


Assistant Inclusion Leader / Year 3 teacher - Mrs D Dees
Computing Leader / Year 2 Leader - Miss M Halai 
Design and Technology Leader (Acting) / Nursery Teacher - Miss O O'Shaughnessy
Science Leader (Acting) / Year 2 teacher - Miss S Addari

Art and Design Leader / Year 6 teacher - Mrs N Pottinger

Music Leader/ Year 5 Leader   - Miss C O'Connor
P.E. Leader / Year 3 Teacher -  Miss J Merlin

History & Geography Leader / Year 1 Teacher - Mr R Holmes

Every Child Matters Leader / Intervention/Booster groups teacher  - Mrs B Hayes
Nursery teacher  - Miss O O'Shaughnessy
Reception teacher - Mrs B Lynch

Reception teacher - Mrs U Hayes

Reception teacher - Miss G Ioannou

Reception teacher - Ms P Petrova

Reception teacher - Ms N Phoplankar

Year 1 teacher - Mr R Holmes

Year 1 teacher - Ms T Little

Year 1 teacher - Mrs S Simmons

Year 2 teacher -  Miss S Addari
Year 2 teacher - Miss C van der Sluys

Year 2 teacher - Miss M Halai

Year 2 teacher - Miss M Lightman

Year 3 teacher - Miss J Merlin
Year 3 teacher- Mrs D Hallsey

Year 3 teacher - Mrs J Van Der Sluys

Year 3 teacher - Ms D Bernard

Year 3 teacher - Mrs D Dees

Year 3 teacher - Miss S  Hussain

Year 4 teacher - Mrs G  Wagjiani

Year 4 teacher - Ms V  Kanbi

Year 4 teacher - Miss A  Shabir

Year 5 teacher - Miss C  O'Connor

Year 5 teacher - Miss R l Chapman 

Year 6 teacher - Mrs N  Morshed

Year 6 teacher - Mrs N  Pottinger

PPA Cover teacher  - Mrs S  Luhar

PPA Cover teacher - Miss S  Wright

PPA Cover teacher - Miss R Mcgowan

PPA Cover teacher - Mrs N Aklekar (mat leave)

PPA Cover teacher - Ms J  Ellery

Student teacher - Miss A  Burton


School Business Manager - Mrs T  Katz
Admin Assistants - Mrs V  Chandarana and Mrs N  Alabaf
Finance Assistant - Mrs J  Patel
Premises Caretaker - Mr L  Austin
Assistant Caretaker- Mr J  Monahan
School Nurse - TBA

Teaching Assistants
Mrs B Thakorlal
Mrs P Amin
Mrs M Hastings
Mrs B  Pisavaria
Mrs S Brogan
Mrs A  Undre
Mrs H  Taqvi
Mrs M Georghiou
Mrs J Patel
Mrs Deena Shah
Mrs Dhrupti Shah
Mrs A Tahir

Mrs A Joshi

Mrs R Wagjiani
Mrs S Chowdhury
Mrs L Mo 
Ms T Childs  

Mrs V Arjan        

Mrs S Gajjar                                                                    
Ms J Ebanks 
Mrs P Patel    

Mrs L Sauciuc 

Miss A  Afeef

Mrs P Jenkins

Ms E  Distrain

Ms R  Busa

Ms A Tahir

Ms J Tank

Ms A Gandhi                                                                                                             
 Mrs D Ghafoor (Apprentice)

Mr E  Zala (Apprentice)

School Meals Supervisory Assistants
Mrs M  Kotecha
Mrs A Mistry
Mrs S  Patel
Mrs E  Fernando
Mrs P Jani

Mrs A  Beachley

Cleaning Staff                                                
Mrs M  Patel
Mrs L Briscoe

Mrs S Aksorn