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Year 3



Welcome to the year group page for 3M and 3P! 


We hope you check in often to find updates, any homework projects as well as lovely pictures of us enjoying our learning throughout the year. 


In Year 3 we value ourselves and each other so we started the year off by making a class charter which we all follow. We all know that we have rights as well as responsibilities. Please find our class charters below for 3M and 3P. 




Year 3 Rocked it out at the UX FACTOR 2017! 

Well done to all Year 3 children who auditioned, especially our finalists who performed for the whole school.


We were so proud to be represented by such stars! 



Kevin, David, Hafiz, Paulo and Curtis from 3P 


Cassie, Adanna, Tasneem, Noor and Francesca from 3M


In Year 3 we learn about Democracy and in both 3M and 3P children were given the opportunity to vote for our wonderful class representatives for the Eco-Warriors and School Council. 



3P's Eco-Warriors: Bianca and Kevin


3P's School Representatives: Kaylan and Dolly


3M's Eco-Warriors: Yash and Seraia

3M's School Representatives: Richard and Ceejay