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Uxendon Manor Primary School

Uxendon Manor Primary School


Jon Radley

Years at school: 1966 to 1973

I am a geologist working for Warwickshire County Council

General Memories: There was a dinner lady named Mrs Large. This was ironic as she was a larger lady sporting a beehive haircut and Edna Everidge glasses. Timothy Veck stuck a fork in her backside and got in terrible trouble with Mr Hilliard.

There was a boy in our year who used to escape from the school and hide up trees at the back of the playing fields. I won't mention his name for fear of reprisals. Teachers used to coax him down from the trees with bags of toy cars. The same pupil once did his business on my friend David's head and threatened to decapitate a gang member with a Black and Decker saw.

I was once very rude to a dinner lady who used to stand on the steps by the boys toilet and shout 'first lunch' at the appropriate time. I perfected a great impression of said dinner lady. Sadly, she didn't appreciate it and threatened to send me to Mr Macdonald.

Memories of Teachers: Mrs Williams the slightly unstable hippy who imprisoned Phillip Harris in a rabbit hutch, Mr Smith who was nice, Miss Creek and Mrs Dunn who were also good teachers.

Memories of School Trips and Events: The school fete wad always fun. There was always a 'crazy kitchen' stall, where for a few pennies you could throw cricket balls at old crockery. One year I pretended to be visually impaired and threw all the balls into the brook.


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