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Uxendon Manor Primary School

Uxendon Manor Primary School

Nursery home visits

We have home visits for our nursery children when they start school. If we have siblings coming to our nursery we do the home visits in July.

All other children who start our nursery will be sent a time and date when 2 members of staff will visit families at the start of a new academic year in September.

Home visits for very young children helps to familiarise the children and families to the staff, gives an opportunity to play with the child before they start school in their own familiar environment and provides a safe place for parents to let staff know about children's individual needs and interests.

This will then inform our planning so we can ensure the childrens' needs are personalised so that the children settle in quickly ensuring a smooth transition.


We want our youngest children to have their first experience of schooling to be a happy one. For some children starting school is a big change to their normal routine. They have to get used to new environments, new adults, new expectations, new routines and larger groups of children in a bigger school. Therefore planning this carefully lies at the heart of effective transitions.


The children start on a staggered intake so we have groups of children starting on different days over three weeks so this gives them time to adjust before other new children start.


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