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Uxendon Manor Primary School

Uxendon Manor Primary School

Summer 2

Super Helpers and their Transport

Communication and Language

Children will learn :

  • Facts about different types of transport and learn new words such as: motor, vehicle, automobile, carriage, traffic,coach, minivan, engine, vintage, bullet trains .
  • To think of characters and events to help them build and tell their own story.
  • Use story language to retell the stories: To Town, The Gingerbread Man, The Three Little pigs.
  • Learn new words related to the stories such as: cockerel, gingerbread man, cat, pig, horse, oven, little, old, man, woman, cow, fox, river, baked, swam, straw, twigs/sprigs, brick, huffed and puffed, blow/ blast/roar, chimney/furnace, structure, fireplace, furniture, built, materials, wooden house.
  • To answer how and why questions when responding to stories and events.

Personal Social and Emotional Development

Children will learn to:

  • Name parts of the body.
  • Play sports day games such as hula hooping, football shot, bean bag shuttle, trampoline bounce and take turns.
  • Express how they are feeling about moving to Year 1.
  • Think and talk about all the things they have achieved this year.

Physical Development

Children will learn to:

  • Perform twist and turn and tuck roll actions
  • Write on the line and control letter size
  • Follow jumping patterns and jump in combinations
  • Do jumps of and from different heights
  • Use a range of large P.E. equipment appropriately
  • Perform tuck position on back and rock back and forth


Key texts: 

Non-fiction books about different modes of transport, To Town, The Gingerbread Man, The Three Little pigs.


Children will learn to:

  • Read and write simple sentences and stories using their phonic knowledge.
  • Speak in full sentences and use book language when retelling the stories they have  learnt about.
  • Read back what they have written.
  • Be able to answer and ask questions about what they have read.
  • Begin to read simple sentences independently
  • Read and follow instructions. For example when reading and making a recipe for cakes


Key texts:

Bean Thirteen, Rosie's Walk, Mr Gumpy's Motor Car, Ness the Nurse.


Children will be learning to:

  • Understand what double facts are
  • Share objects equally into groups
  • Categorize odd and even numbers
  • Predict a quantity
  • Build their own repeating pattern following a given structure
  • Draw a journey map from a story


Understanding the World

Children will learn to:

  • Talk about different types of transport
  • Talk about how transport has changed over time
  • Talk and label the different parts of a car
  • Explain how community helpers help us, recognize and name different occupations
  • Carry out a science experiment and observe and talk about the results

Expressive Arts and Design

Children will be learning to:

  • Plan, design and make and evaluate a type of transport in the woodwork area
  • Sing and perform in a concert
  • Explore the natural world around them

  • Share their creations, explaining the process they have used


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